Xandres Webshop

Xandres Webshop

As a client of Nele.due you can shop to the whole collection of Xandres (and not only the items we have in our shop). Via the button below you will access the national database of Xandres, but as a client of Nele.due. This means that your purchase will be allocated to our shop and this way you help your local shop in this difficult times!

Your advantage: we remain your contact point for every question or problem!

On our own webshop you can find also some Xandres articles we have in store (and who are possible sold out on the Xandres stock). So don't hesitate to have a look!

Note: once you're on the national Xandres database you will see no link anymore with Nele.due. This is normal.


Marcel Félicéstraat 13a 1560 Hoeilaart
T +32 26571686

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